I am sitting here at the writer’s nook (bedroom desk) in my apartment, having just finished hot coffee, and as I finished it, I heard the obscene(ly loud) howler monkey screams of my distraught and disturbed neighbor who lives below me. Battling her cat, searching for her remote, losing her mind in defiance of structured (sane) thought. She’s crazy, I dislike her, she needs to be committed somewhere – but *my* presence in this apartment complex is limited, anyway, so she will not be “an issue” for me after this lease is up.nnIt’s 1:28 PM, and I *was* awaiting the USPS to arrive, as there was “important tax information” included in the day’s mail, but it turned out just to be a letter stating that I received the Economic Stimulus Check in 2021, and that it was non-taxable income, which makes me glad I didn’t wait on said letter before filing my taxes. I hope they did good, though, those stimulus checks – as just tapering down air travel and putting lockdowns in place for the citizens of the U.S. in order to mitigate COVID-19’s spread would have been an unpopular political move. But, thanx for the money! (I don’t even remember what the hell I spent it on?)nnI will address the whole COVID scenario real fast, too. *I* am double-vaxxed/boosted (Moderna), as are a lot of people I know, but from what I understand (and keep hearing/reading) the pandemic has now become a flat-out ENdemic, meaning it will not actually *”cease to be”* at any point in the future. I’m no authority on this, I’m just regurgitating a bunch of crap that was consumed from the WWW, but I could see it just being an ongoing virus that is just “co-habitating” our planet. And I’m not mad, or even upset, with folks who vehemently refuse to get vaxxed (even if/when they are in the hospital dying), because the only “conclusion” I can draw from such a scenario is, they are making a choice. A *bad* and *dumb* choice, but it does boil down to **a** choice at the end of the day. So, let them do what they want and “choose their choices” (so long as they don’t think other things *related* to those choices don’t have an impact on their lives (e.g. can’t get hired due to non-vaxxed status, etc.)). Life *does* have a funny way of making it (life) consequential when people do *”bad”* or *”dumb”* things. But, that’s waxing philosophical and I don’t need to go down that route.nnAnyway, life is weird. I do my best to enjoy it (and usually do), but others who do NOT enjoy it (life) make things a bit more frustrating.nnback soon

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