It was a torrential downpour here before I left to fetch a few groceries. Everything is drenched outside, big puddles, flowing water in the gutters, etc. True rain.nnNow, I am inside with a Pibb Xtra and a Lucky Strike, awaiting for 11:30 to roll around so I can go to the Elk’s Lodge Memorial event, where they honor former Elk’s who have passed away. Me, the moms, and the sisters are going. The Elk’s (apostrophe needed?) did a fantastic job at my Father’s wake in 2019 – many good words, a small ceremony, and it was very nice, for sure. Will always respect them. nnIt’s going to be warm today, getting up to 53F, and probably sunny, as the clouds are now all rained-out, haha. I don’t know if any of the memorial event will be outdoors, but it wouldn’t be too bad a day to *be* outdoors, if it is.nnEarlier, I felt like I was going to pass out from a drop in blood sugar (or *something* like that), as I had a very sugary pancake breakfast (just before [Andreas]( did), and between the pancakes and the black coffee I had before/after, I was both energized, and exhausted at the same time. Light-headed, shaky, felt horrible. I feel fine now, though. But, I had to have a small egg breakfast to get some calories into my system before walking to Schnucks, as I didn’t want to be found face down in a puddle somewhere, lmao!nnOK, continuing with the morning. Back later!

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