Just made some triple-scoop espresso. Taster’s Choice instant. I also have the central fan and the floor fan running in my apartment, and the sliding glass door open, and have a very nice cross breeze coming through here. Will open the adjacent window in a second here as the coffee cools.nn…aaand, opened! Now there is even *more* of a cross breeze coming through here 🙂 Perfect for a 65 degree pre-Spring day, indeed!nnI thought I would pop in an do an update on the W.a bloggo, as I really do prefer this editor over nearly every other editor I have used. Minimal. Efficient. Good.nnThe coffee is good, too. nnI would like to get out of the apartment a bit today, be it to walk to the store, the gas station, or wherever. But, I am basically broke, and a hike down to Cliff Cave Park *is* possible (nothing stopping me), but I don’t exactly have the proper clothes clean for a hike through the woods, and have no clean clothes to change back into once I got home, as laundry day is tomorrow morning. So, perhaps a hike after early AM laundry tomorrow? I’ll plan on it.nn**old friends, old times**nnI have this former friend, whose name will simply be “G” in this scenario, and she (once a he) made a post on an old blog that she fired up forever ago, and that old post made its way to my old Feedly account (which I happened to check earlier today). The post wasn’t really a “post” but just a link to a GoFundMe campaign she took out on her behalf, which briefly (perhaps half a paragraph) described that she had her car impounded, and was awaiting the start date of a new job, and because of this, she needed $2,900 to see her through. Why $2,900 exactly, I do not know. In this half paragraph she described that the money would be used for “bills” to see her through, make ends meet until she got back on her feet. nnThis is probably the third GoFundMe she has ran in the past two years – the first two were successful, raking in ~$2K each, and the reasoning behind the first fundraiser were for her to continue to attend a community college during the height of the COVID pandemic, because her funds ran out for her education. After this (successful) fundraiser, she bailed and bought a car with the money, left the college altogether, and for the most part became a vagabond. After that, her phone broke, or she stopped paying the bill, or whatever, and she needed $2K for a new phone and a camera to continue her photography side hustle. In all likelihood she *did* buy a new phone and camera with that money, but to my knowledge she had not landed a single client with her photography hustle – neither before or since.nnNow, she needs $2,900 for “bills”. What “bills” she accrues by being a full-time traveler and not having a car any longer, is a mystery to me. No gas to pay for. No insurance. And probably not any car payments. But, she feels she is entitled to this money either way, because that’s what the Internet is *for*, right? Free money!nnSo, it was definitely disappointing to see what her life has dissolved into. When I knew her (as him), she was sober (no meth nor booze nor anti-anxiety pills), and she had an apartment, a pet cat, a good group of friends who gave a shit about her (him at the time), and a completely different life. But, this particular individual sees life as an ongoing war (against herself), and is militantly stubborn, and narcissistic in every sense of the word. So, to her, there is no going back (to sobriety/sanity I mean).nnAnd for the record, the meth addiction, pill addiction, alcohol relapse, burnt bridges, and relationship sabotages all occurred *before* she even mentioned being transgender, so her (no doubt) ongoing sob story about how her friends “abandoned her for being trans” is a flat-out lie, and a continual tale of self-pity that (as I’ve heard) is what she is telling everyone in regards to why she doesn’t have anyone in her corner. I cannot speak for the other people involved, but *I* couldn’t give two shits about someone being transgender – in fact I would 100% support it. But, it’s a fast and easy (and probably relatable) scapegoat for her to tell people that, as a sort of lubricant into their charity. It’s completely sad, and I *do* (in a way) pity her.nnJust wanted to mention all this as it has been on my mind this afternoon. Some people should learn how to help themselves, I guess.nnback laternn

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