I had a light dinner tonight, but it didn’t sit well, so it made me sick, so that definitely sucks. I partially blame the fact that I didn’t have my psych med last night (which effects digestion a bit), but I will have it later tonight, so all will be good. nnI am feeling better now, though. And I had coffee (an hour after being ill) and that sorta settled my stomach. But coffee on a warm Spring/Summer eve, Sunday, the day before Memorial Day – it’s nice :)nnNo plans for tomorrow. I am on the outs with my family (besides my sister, “C”), so I will not being doing any “Memorial Day stuff”, but I am ok with that. nnAnd, I will mention (or draw attention to) the [blog post about the Meetup]( (R.aM could be a fun name for it! ;)) and for anyone who would like to attend, feel free to check out [the post for it](, or/and the comments about it on the [ Cafe]( nnMore people who chime in make it easier for the logistics of it (currently, we are thinking Saturday(s), starting with June 4), but the time(zone) is still up in the air. nnback laternnciao!

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