Sunny, SunDAY-y, quiet, calm, a bit breezy. I have the AC cranked up. I put $$ on the laundry card, and will do laundry at 6:00 AM tomorrow.

Soon, I will walk to BP and fetch a pop and another snack. The Schnucks jaunt will be done tomorrow around 9:00 AM, when the store is less chaotic. I also think I will get adequate sleep tonight - so no all-night starving fests ;) haha...haaa.

The walk to BP will be pleasant. It creeped up to 66 here, and that is delightful Spring weather.

No mythical plans for me today, which makes it like any other day.

I am still smitten as a kitten in a mitten about getting "" working on this bloggo. I didn't exactly want to be stranded on W.a Island, as I do more frequent updates here, and I have no intention of taking the tmo blog Private/Unlisted again. I like being there, and I like being here, too. Everything works out.

So, I slammed down a Luke warm cup of coffee, which still hit the spot.

OK, out of things to say for now. Back soon.