Sunny today. Humidity is up there, which is fine/expected in Missouri this time of year. I went to Schnucks and bought a 1 Liter Diet Dr Pepper (consuming now), and three(3) Arizona tea/lemonade combos. They were 3 for $2, so I partook. nnI also arranged for a ride to do a “big” grocery shopping trip Saturday, because my ride for today flaked out. Which is expected of this person at this point. She is a “caseworker” of sorts. Or, a case-ignorer, I’d say.nnI also need to query Neighbor “S” if I can get some coffee from him, as I am 100% OUT of coffee (instant and otherwise) and I will need something for the day. It will likely be ground coffee, which means stovetop/”camp coffee” will have to be made, which is still coffee, so…good deal.nnNothing else for nownnback later

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