Well it has set 95% of the way. I went out on the balcony a few times, watched a lot of nothing happen, as is always the case in Slum County :/nnI thought about snapping some photos for the [tmo snapping]( bloggo, but this place and the stuff within this place (inside and outside of the apartment) has had enough documentation. I truly do not want to remember any of it. nnI can/do see this place as going by way of Pevely Pointe Apartments in Pevely, Missouri. A place so overrun with trashbags and irresponsible neighbors, that it was on Fox 2 News a few months back. nnSo, I’ll be glad to leave this complex (the physical apartment complex, as well as the *complex* developed from living in an apartment) behind. Bad memories. nnBut anyway, the sun is 100% set now. I finished an egg Sammy for dinner. And I am moving on through the night. nnHope everyone is doing well. nnI’ll be back soon. More stories and tales to come. nn

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