Nothing shipped, yet. That is, the *one* thing I ordered (TIN T2 IEMs), but I didn’t expect them to ship within 9 hours of me ordering them, so… Also, on another recommendation, I will order a different wire for them, because I do think to a certain extent that wiring/cabling matters. *I* only use high(er) end wires/cables because I want the “peace of mind” that nothing is making the audio “bad” in any way. Plus they *look* nice and are *durable* (like the AudioQuest Evergreen RCA-to-RCA cable I have, which I will likely have for a lifetime). Unfortunately, I cannot swap out the cable for the AT headphones, otherwise I would. But, I *can* swap out the (dual-wired (or whatever the proper term is)) cable on the AT R70X over-the-ear headphones that I am considering in the future. And I certainly WILL swap out that wire, because I think it may improve things. No clue on when those will get ordered (especially if the T2’s are as good as people make them out to be). I’m also pretty excited to try out IEMs (*and* the AT headphones, as well) with the HELM Bolt. I know I’ve mentioned all this on the bloggo before, but I *am* pretty friggin’ jazzed about having “legit” head-fi gear, instead of just “ok” gear. They call what I have (the Polk speakers, the AT headphones, the NobSound mini amp) “entry-level” gear for a reason – it is to “get someone (me) started” in the audio hobby. I think I started with Apple EarPods, Spotify, and an Android phone. Then, I bought the AT (ATH-M30) headphones and a Monoprice IIIP “tube” amp, which was defective and wasn’t good at all (I wish I had kept it and refurbished it, though – as throwing it away was a waste, it was *probably* salvageable), and used Bluetooth with that amp with Tidal. Then came the PA speakers, then the NobSound mini amp as a replacement for the IIIP, and now the T2’s and HELM Bolt (still with Tidal, sticking with Tidal).nnSlowly but surely progressing :)nnMore on all this fun stuff [here]( laternn#listeningnotes

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