strange thoughts on climate permeate my mind this afternoon

I'm not trying to "doomsday" myself, or be overly cynical, or overtly realistic, but I have been having (somewhat uncontrolled?) thoughts on climate change and the world we live throughout this afternoon.

Nothing "brought it up", or "triggered" it - was just meandering though my day, puffin a cig on the balcony, watching a couple people go to/fro the laundromat, realizing I need to do laundry, occasionally stepping inside to check the status of th water heating for coffee, and I just sort of drifted into a mindset of Earth, humanity, mortality, etc. - which may be more common than one would expect, but considering how recent years have been, one might expect anyone or everyone to get this way, sometimes.

One thing I thought of that was weird, jarring, and (kind of) cool, was:

Since the turn of the 20th Century, humans went from 2B people to a bit over/under 7B people in 2022 (give or take, I'm not sure how many people exist on Earth in even a rough estimate - it was 7B at one point), so, tripled the population (plus a billion more). So, in regards to life, time, our perception of time, adaption to our environment (as all living things do, constantly), and things like this, we (sorta) lived the entirety of human existence all within 120 years time. Kinda cool! Kinda terrible. Kinda how it is.

There's nothing to deduce from that. It's a kinda/sorta perceptual opinion, and 100% infungible, can't "write it down" and say "there's a fact, ma'am". It'd be like trying to narrow down what the color blue is. Or describing in detail, to a person who was born deaf, exactly how a snare drum sounds. Can't be done.

But whatever. Live life and prosper :)

back soon

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