I found a weird playlist on Tidal of obscure old Punk Rock songs. There was an alternate version of “Search & Destroy” by Iggy Pop, that was instead called “Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell”, and it was distorted, chaotic, and *very* long (8 minutes?). So, new song is on now.nnI am sucking down instant coffee (Folgers, and putting the Golden Dusk blend on hold for now – will revisit soon).nnI wrote about friendships and middle-agING, and life, in general, over on the other bloggo. Mostly because things just **need** to be said somewhere.nnDishes are washing behind me, the apartment is tidy, and that’s fine. nnSuch a weird/great night. It’s like I am hearing music for the first time this evening. And the day improved since this AM (which was a desolate, hopeless time – and then gets followed by a hopeful, cheerful, pleasant evening that stretches until the sunrise the next day). It’s probably some sub-symptom of distant manic depression, but it doesn’t matter. I just “accept” things as they happen, because I take psych meds (or, **med**, singular – I’m no pill freak), and I attend therapy every other week. I do what I can to “sustain”, and “do well”. Mostly it works (in a Big Picture(TM) way, it does), but sometimes shit is shaky, and I can’t make life into perfection, so I go with it.nnAnyhow, music is making me feel good. It’s like a “Savior” of life. I won’t go into description of how good, pleasant, immaculate music is – people can discover that on their own, and if/when they do, it’s the greatest gift.nnSo…swellnnI put up the snaps for today on [tmo snapping](, and those look ok. Flags and fruit. I’ll keep up that little side project. It’s a time-passer.nn8:00 PM strikes. Music continues to play. nnOn with the shownnback soon

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