I sit inside. Blinds closed. AC cranked to 71°. Floor fan running. And it is “cool” in here, but humid. I do not know why. nnHumid OUTSIDE, yes. Obviously. And hot. But why is there a moisture level in my apartment at the moment?nnEither way, I tolerate all this while I text back and forth (all day now) with my best friend from childhood, “B”. He talks of a damaged Harley Davidson, and the brother who is paying (“out the nose”) for it, as it was his brother who wrecked it (but is ok). nnOther things get talked about here and there. Sporadically. It’s whatever. Many things *to* discuss, I am sure. nnIn the meantime, I sit and try to stay comfortable in a room that *clearly* has a medium-to-high humidity level, and this is annoying. I hope whatever is going on clears up soon. nnJust a bit ago, I returned from a fast trek to BP where I fetched a couple packs of smokes and BS’d with a neighbor, “S”, as the gnats ate us alive in the breezeway outside his apartment. Until the breeze came. Then the bugs went away. nnIn terms of the frequently-referenced listing I have on CL – fxxx it. They will sell when they sell if anyone takes an interest in them. I cannot do anything more/different to make them anymore enticing. Low price (for what they are (entry-level speakers)), proper wording on the listing, good photographs – what more can I say?nnSo I’ve just forgotten about them (or, I will pay attention to the listing when someone takes an interest in them). nnI’ll be back soon. Hope all are well

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