straightening some info...

I have to call Metro Call-A-Ride twice a week to arrange to get to Independence Center. I would like to call on a Fri and just arrange for both Tue and Thur every week following, but I have to call two days in advance. So calling Fri works for Tue, but I have to call again on Mon (I am guessing) to arrange for Thur.

Today I am calling for next Tue, for Day 2 of orientation. I start calling at 9:00 AM, and get in "phone line", because they have a digital phone queue with a max of 50 people, and it fills fast. First come, first serve. They will take well over 50 people in total (STL is a big place), but the queue only holds 50.

So, it's whatever.

Calling there soon.

I also made a note on Standard Notes just titled "Independence Center/Metro Call-A-Ride", so I didn't have little (sometimes critical) bits of info in this note and that note - now they are all in one place.

back soon

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