store jaunt and other things

Neat stuff at the store:

A 2 Liter of Mt Dew Code Red, never saw that before in 2 Liter size. I bought it right away.

A new type of steel cut oats, whatever brand it is, I forget

A Red Bull was bought, too (because life is short)

Other random odds and ends

Withdrew $30 cash back from the self-checkout, and that is the first time I did that (I thought it was register-only)

On the walk back, two old ladies and their dog were crossing the back parking lot approaching Baumgartner Road. They were very much so in my way. I would pivot left, to go to that side of the sidewalk, they would pivot left, too. Then I went right, as did they. They just mosied along, toe-to-toe with the direction I was going. Finally, I reached Baumgartner and crossed from the left, but to the right (as there is an enormous parking lot entrance and storm drain if I had just gone straight), and sure enough, they were lockstep in my way as I crossed the road, itself. I zig-zagged around them, saying "god fucking damn" under my breath, which they likely heard, not that it matters.

Pretty atypical for the citizens of South County, which amounts to a sanctuary city for senior citizens. Nothing against those in "their golden years", per se, but they have yet to muster more than a nervous nod in my direction in the five+ years I have lived here. My hair isn't white enough, I suppose.

I came home and made breakfast

Other shit to do today

back later

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