It’s 11:00 PM on Saturday night. I didn’t take Nexium today, because I am out of it. I will fill the prescription on Monday, and then I will feel ok again, but until then, pain :(nnI basically have mild heartburn right now, and I have to limit what all I can eat. I have fruit on hand, so I think I will be relatively ok, but not “peachy keen”, so to speak.nnAnyway, looking forward to Monday. I have an apartment inspection on that day, too. They are refinancing the apartment complex (and apparently signing a 35 year lease extension with the same ownership), and they have to inspect some apartments as part of the process. Mine will be one of them. But everything is clean all the time, so I have no problem with it. I *will* clean the place up a tad beforehand, though.nnTonight, coffee (less bold, less dark), and plenty of water.nnNo big updates here. Just another night inside.nnback soon

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