still still still with the rain - torrential for hours

Plus thunder and lightning to boot! My favorite STLWX, but, it has a lot of flash flood warnings going along with it, which is bad, and also means Meramec Bottom Road will be washed out, the Meramec River will be up immensely at this point, and possibly the Mississippi River, too. With all the flooding that is going on in Kentucky, I was hoping St Louis would avoid any flooding similar to that of 1993/1994/2019, but I think we will get a large amount considering how many inches have come down in the past several hours.

And yea, the Rio Oakville is in full flow through the courtyard in front of my apartment building, too.

I make coffee and listen to the storm pass through. There is even MORE rain/flooding in the Northern part of STL/St Charles, from what I hear, so that may postpone my doc appt tomorrow, as that is in St Charles.

That's about all for this rainy night. I may update again later. For now, I'll just have coffee and take it easy.


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