Just shaved, but kept the mustache, which is about 1.5 weeks into growth, and it is already **full**. Definitely looks/feels cool, and I am usually not a facial hair type of guy, but I guess I was sick of being Baby Face TMO 24/7, lol!nnAnyway, speaking of self/personal care, I need to get a haircut on Wednesday, which I 100% plan on doing, and it will be the same #4 on top and #1 on the sides and back, all made into a dapper military fade πŸ˜€ A very *high* fade, almost like a High n’ Tight, but more like a mini-mowhawk. Awesome.nnAnd speaking of apothecary type stuff, I am *deeply* disappointed that my $60+ safety razor from TobaccoPipes(.com) (yes, they sell men’s goods, as well (IDK why?)) didn’t work out. The thing would *tug* and *pull* and uproot facial hairs instead of actually *shaving* them, and it was a painful experience. So, I am just going to keep buying the (extremely wasteful) Bic disposable razors from Schnucks. I’d love to do a Gillette-style razor head on a safety razor type of handle, and they DO make those, but if the connection point broke, I would be out of *that* money, as well (and the handles I’ve seen are either brass or copper, usually, and cost a fair amount, so, scratch that). nnI just keep things simple, I suppose. Disposable this, instant that, cheap/easy solutions to whatever (even my t-shirts are Fruit of the Loom, because cotton always shrinks, and I’d rather just pay little for something that won’t fit in a few months regardless).nnOK, back latern

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