I have a feeling that this application is going to be sunset in due time. There is no update for macOS Monterey, and I don’t see any documentation on their official website for the app, on the June Fabrics website, *or* in the Mac App Store. So, it is likely finito.nnDoesn’t matter, though, as I will have the hotspot soon enough, but still sucks because I used PDAnet+ for years at a time before, starting in 2015 when I was tethering from my One+1 phone to my iPad Air 2. It was a handy app to have, now gone (for no good reason whatsoever, it seems).nnBut really, I miss the days when Android phones were able to tether on their own, *without* a special carrier designation – even if I had a $35 per mo plan, I could still tether that data + whatever 2G speed data that came after it. But then Google sold out (of course), and everyone needs a qualifying phone to do this thing or that thing, and needs a certain data package, and to pay extra for the privilege of tethering the data **I** am paying for. Preposterous.nnStill, it all makes me want to go the uber super duper efficient route and use a *single* device for everything. Be it a large ass phone or small ass tablet – or, a cheapo phone, and a SIM-enabled, unlimited data tablet setup. It’d be great. Also, can’t afford that. And also cannot do any type of web dev in that setup, so that is not going to happen.nnIt all comes down to a balance of what is economical and what I want to use the devices for. I want ONE bill, not a WiFi bill *and* a phone data bill, or a phone data bill and a Hotspot bill, or a phone bill and a device data bill (like a SIM-enabled tablet, for example). Just one thing to do it all, basically. And in 2021, that thing is a phone bill, because I can’t really function/survive without a legit smartphone to get stuff done on, haha.nnAnd it comes down to activities (e.g. web development). Obviously I cannot do any type of dev work on a phone (not really), and I also cannot write (or write well/easily) on the fly with a virtual keyboard, so, those things must be considered, as well.nnJust rambling. Be back later.nn

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