Still have a headache, despite coffee (which I thought would take care of it). But I haven't taken anything for the headache this morning, so I shouldn't be surprised that it persists.

Anyway, I started dishes, cleaned up the kitchen (again), took out the trash, opened the sliding glass door, reamed out the pipes (by both knife and pipe cleaners), but will not use pipe sweetener on them, because they are not bitter/bite-y, yet, so they do not need to be chemically treated.

I feel "full" despite having hardly eaten at all today. I think I may have gotten low-grade food poisoning from that over-ripened avocado yesterday, which serves my pretentious millennial ass right. LOL! Felt like digestion has slowed down a tad since then and that is right around when my headache started, too, so...

36 degrees right now. Hike-able weather. But I will not hike today. Monday the STLWX is supposed to be very nice (high-40's) so I will likely go then. Laundry has to happen before then, too, so I will get that done around 6:00 AM tomorrow, I think.

back soon