I decided that I will pay for 1feed Premium in February. No immediate need to upgrade right now, but it “*just works*” better on mobile, and is pretty clean/simple, and I like it more than I like Feedbin. I think I paid for Feedbin Premium in Feb 2021, so I will NOT renew with Feedbin and stick with 1feed. Both I think are “indie” co’s, but 1feed just makes more sense for my use case. 1feed might be cheaper, too – not sure, I will have to check. (yep, 1feed is $5 cheaper, I just checked).nnAnyway, it’s 8:16, and I am leaving here in basically two hours. I am all packed up and ready to go, and I cleaned up a bit here, too. nn**the booster**nnI am getting the COVID booster on Friday, I think. But, *why not Monday (today)?* Because I have a boatload of running around to do today, and I do not feel like being sick (*if* I do get sick). Though, I really *should* just throw caution into the wind and get the booster today, regardless. In fact, I might do that. Omicron is pretty damn contagious from what I hear, so I need to be careful. Besides, I need to pick up a few things from Schnucks anyway, so…nnWish me luck that there are not too many side effects. nnBack soonnn

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