I knew (in the back of my head) that getting a TV (even as a free hand-me-down) would be a big mistake. I don’t need/want a television set, and I will inform the mom’s that a TV won’t be necessary the next time I talk to her. Hell, even an external monitor for this MBA is not necessary. I can/do get by just fine with the (13 in) laptop screen for literally everything I do. I’m just…from a different cut of cloth than some people, I suppose. Some (probably most) people LOVE their TV’s (and that’s great), but I don’t care to bother with one because there is too much compromise (privacy, safety, security (for any streaming platform/service), financially (all the services + home internet service cost $$$), etc.) I mean, it made sense when the only screens in our lives were that of television sets (colors, pixels, hooray!), but everything has changed in the past several decades, and I don’t want to use an old style piece of tech, either. Also, how damn often do I *actually* watch a streaming video, of *any* kind? 20 minutes a day, maybe? nnJust remarking upon thatnn

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