So, I seem to be "back in the swing of things" - I got a new (firm) mattress, and I have been sleeping 7+ hours a night (thank fxxx!), I have been regular on resistance bands exercises and starting to see even better results there (cool!), and I am back in the walking/hiking game, and got in a good hike the other day (and another one planned for Monday) and even started a new hiking/exploring hobby, geocaching! I've got a kitchen full of (GOOD) fruit, which is fairly rare in January in Missouri (at least in my experience), and I am happy with the new blog setup (meaning this blog, self-hosted with Ghost software). It has been a while since I was happy/excited about where I was blogging, as W.a has for the most part tapered off in terms of maintenance and relevance over the past year or so. But that is fine, I'm done with that. And also, I am less-stuck in terms of where I am at/what I am doing with the Thanx Project. I feel I know a thing or two about a thing or two, but, I am more or less letting the motivation/self-encouragement come to me naturally, instead of forcing myself to work on it for some "gotta get it done" sense of accomplishment.

So, things are going OK :)

But, there is more to be done in terms of "getting organized" in life. I still have to:

  • get a U.S Passport
  • Put $120+ down on my Linode account, so I have plenty of "credits" for my current (or/and future) VPS plans
  • receive my Venmo debit card in the mail (in a continued attempt to find a way to add funds onto my Revolut account (at least without first opening a sort of "traditional" bank account - which I might end up doing))

And there are smaller, less critical things I plan on taking care of, too. Such as:

  • transferring remaining domains that I am keeping (three of them) to DNSimple.
  • replace the old backpack (now in a landfill) with a nice GoRuck Rucker 3.0 "rucksack" (but I call it a backpack)
  • get a Cricket Wireless hotspot for the apartment(??? - still not 100% sure on this, as it is not totally necessary)
  • and other things too that I cannot think of right now because I do not keep a checklist/to-do list for less relevant items :/

There are other equally important things I will get done soon, as well - such as file my taxes and pay back the moms the $400-ish I owe her (a lot of "small loans" happened this year, unfortunately - but, she will be paid back, in-full). And also, I will do my best to save money in 2022 (and beyond), because saving or/and investing is the best thing I can be doing right now.

And on that note:

I am going to reign in the budget BIG fxxxing time! After the backpack/Passport/Linode stuff gets all taken care of, I am going to consolidate my bills to the smallest amount of bills, and try to keep the bill amount, itself, very small. I would ideally like to do this Right Now, but my finances are basically spoken for for the immediate future (for February they are, anyway), so I will have to figure ish out in March. Or, of course, I can just say "fxxx all" to some the more "elaborate" expenses in February (such as the pricey backpack), and start changing ish up right away.

I want to do this (get the budget under control), because in the past I have been very efficient and frugal and responsible in terms of how/where money is going out the door, and have saved/invested (e.g. silver) in the past, so I need to do this again, as well.

No time like the present.

back soon