8:30 AM, been awake for about a half hour (after going back to sleep for two hours at 6:00 AM). Almost finished with this cup of coffee, and going to make a cold, cloudy walk to BP for smokes in a bit, because why not? Actually, soda would be nicer, so I will get that instead, as I already have plenty of pipe tobacco. nnThe package is not “Out For Delivery” just yet, but I am expecting it to be shortly. I also found the *correct* braided “silver wire” I was referencing in the last blog post, and added it to the cart. I had to go with the MXMM connector (as that is what these TIN T2’s are), and also make sure it was 3.5mm (headphone) on the other end. But, there are a few of this same brand and the one I opted for was the $30 option instead of the $19 option, because it is “triple-braided” like I had mentioned. The rest are more or less just “woven” in a way. nnAnyway, I will be off to BP in a bit.nnBack later

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