Got up, started the dishes, opened the blinds in both the bedroom and living room (sunny!), made coffee, and now I am writing as the coffee cools. The dishwasher will make the apartment warmer and slightly more humid so I turned the furnace OFF, even though it is only 16 degrees out. Getting up to 44 at 4:00 today.nnDoubt I will go anywhere today, as the roads will likely *remain* icy and generally nasty, but I would *like* to go get laundry done at the ‘rents, as well as take back their vacuum, and do a few other things when I am out and about. But, the chances of the road looking even halfway decent at any time before early afternoon are unlikely. Unless the sun just beats down continuously throughout the day. We’ll see.nnI *need* some fresh air, I know that, so whenever things DO start to clear up (roadwise), I will walk to Schnucks and grab something to eat.nnThat’s the plan for the day, anyway. nnback soon

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