![](![](![]( above is the tree *before*, and later I will share the tree when it is finished.nnThe second photo is the stocking for my dog River (that I had for 4.5 years), as well as the stocking I had since I was born just behind that. I will try to snap a pic of my stocking by itself later, because it is very nice and hand-made by my Aunt Kate (who was an excellent seamstress) when my mother was expecting. Actually, no, I was named *after* my birth, because they were expecting a girl (no ultrasounds were really available in 1983), and the stocking *says* “Tom” on it, so it was made after my birth.nnThe third photo is one of my favorite pieces of decor – Snoopy with a flickering candle bulb that plugs straight into a wall socket. Still going strong!nnAlso, notice the Santa Claus atop the faux fireplace – it was bought for my parent’s first apartment in 1971/72, so a 50 year old piece of decor. *Very* cool!nnJust sharing some stuff. Back later.

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