I’m sick of the **TMO** moniker/surname/username/whatever the hell. I mean TMO *are* the initials of my legal name IRL, but it doesn’t matter – I’m done with all the shit I put on there over the years.nnFact is; traffic has been damn near dead as a door nail on **TMO** for over a month now, people only read it when it is being *pushed* onto them from, and soon there will be available, as some sort of micro community for comments, and I don’t want to have to communicate with anyone on there at all. I WON’T be using on this blog, I WON’T be communicating with literally anyone, ever (though I WILL allow e-mail responses for those who end up subscribing to this blog (*if* that happens)), and that’s all there is to it.nnAlso, diarist is a more accurate name for this blog, because that is literally all my online journals are: *diaries*! “Journal” or “log” are accurate descriptors, too, but they are overused on the WWW, I feel.nnAnd to be totally honest, I’m sick of all my thoughts/ideas/feeling being in public view all the time, anyway. I’m better off offline.nn

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