There’s a keyboard shortcut I use all the time for writing, which most people don’t know about, or never realized, that I only realized on accident one day a couple of years ago, and that is:nnHold down `Command` > tap `Delete`, and it will delete the entirety of the text that is on that single line. It doesn’t work on Ghost blogging software (annoyingly) and it doesn’t work on (of course, because Notion sucks). But it works nearly everywhere else and I use it all the time so I am not hitting “back back back back back” or highlighting 90% of a sentence, and *then* `Delete` – no, I just `Command` > `Delete` that shit and start the sentence again.nnBut now, *just* now, I was using said command while I was writing out my budget for July in Standard Notes, in the “#general” file, in the “lists, etc” folder, and when I did the command, it deleted the ENTIRE FILE! The budget I keep at the bottom of the list *of* lists, I have the “smol treatment plan” list on there, as well as the [Taking Stock]( list, and a couple others. I hit `Command` > `Delete` at the bottom of the budget entry (expecting to delete a small line), and the whole damn page went blank!nnWhat the hell?!?!nnNever happened beforennSo, I start over on that notennback soon

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