spurring a change with something

Housekeeping: laundry is in the washer, coffee has been brewed (camp coffee, made in the boiling water, a loan from Neighbor "S"), and I am in the easy chair listening to the call of the crickets from the (open) sliding glass door.

Now, in the last post which I mentioned Google Wave, I talked of "live blogging", which turns out to sort of be a technology called "live messaging" (if I am remembering correctly), and it was seen earliest with the Celerity BBS software, but is also used for TTY phones (for those who are hearing impaired). But when I went down this rabbit hole, I thought of a relative who is teaching other family members about sign language, as she had a course on the subject at her university. And I thought: "damn, the least I could do is make this blog a bit more accessible and put accurate photo descriptions when I upload a photo to tmo,name". So, that is what will change on this blog going forward.

I also considered adding audio dictation to each post (manually, my voice), but holy cow that would be a monotonous thing to do. That would make the blog accessible to both the visually impaired and the hearing impaired (should I implement both), and also add some spice to the context of what I had written if listened to in audio form - the correct emphasis behind words and all.

But, to be honest, I doubt I will start adding audio elements to every entry. I may do so with TZATC as well as longer written posts. I would actually REALLY LIKE to do that.

More on that later

Now I change loads of laundry as the coffee starts to become sippable.


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