sprucing up the desktop

Not to much "sprucing" up, but rather just cleaning up - I went ahead and copied everything I needed to copy over to the 1TB SSD, and made sure the "dev stuffs" folder was up-to-date (there were a few things on desktop that I didn't have saved to the SSD, yet), and then I put everything from "The Montana Excursion" into the "Nature" folder (under "photos") on the SSD, and I also went ahead and made a Google Photos album w/ the title "The Montana Excursion (E to W)", and I uploaded all the photos from The Montana Excursion onto my Snap.as, and then made a two part blog post(s) on tmo with said photos. However, the Snap.as link above will not have the photos mentioned, because I did not put the Montana photos into a specific files/albums, because I was uploading the photos via Snap.as on Firefox mobile, and I cannot get the drop-down menu for album selection to work for Snap.as on Firefox mobile, so they were simply uploaded in my giant, cluttered "photos" bin on Snap.as, where some things are categorized, but most thigs are not. Can't go back and create albums from the photo bin, either, which is a lacking feature for S.a, in my opinion, and they should add that feature soon. Otherwise people have to re-upload each photo individually AGAIN. A pain, indeed.

But, the desktop - I also went ahead and deleted the desktop folders I had sitting on the homescreen of the MacBook Air. There was "dev stuffs" (which I may put back into place whenever I DO get back into some development activity), "new randoms" which was random shit I had to later save onto my SSD, but would live in a single desktop folder for the time being. That folder rarely had anything added to it. Instead, I can just let the file(s) that need to be transferred to the SSD sit by their lonesome on the desktop, itself, and continually remind me to transfer to the SSD, and...yea. I'll just do it that way. The other folder was related to the Atom Editor, and shit that had to do with Github, which if I ever get into doing Github stuff in the future, I willl be starting from scratch and re-re-learning evrything, because I am rusty as hell.

So, that is all that I cleaned up. Random desktop bits and put things where they needed to be. Also went to BP a bit ago and picked up several packs of Edgefield non-filters (nonnys) and some soda, etc.

back soon

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