I got an e-mail from Spire Energy, that provides natural gas to the St Louis region, and they said that starting December 13, the whole area (St Louis) might be experiencing frequent interruptions in terms of the delivery of natural gas due to Washington D.C. not supporting/renewing such and such within an infrastructure bill. It was put to a vote and then voted down due to pressure from “an environmentalist group” according to the e-mail Spire sent me.nnThe e-mail seemed pretty dire, and considering how many people live in this area (~200K, I think – at least in the Greater St Louis Region), it could be bad news, indeed. As of tomorrow I may be getting a space heater, but that isn’t going to do a whole hell of a lot for my entire apartment (430 sq ft), and won’t do much for everyone *else*! So, hopefully whatever they need to get passed in D.C. gets passed and this doesn’t turn into some third-world, abandoned, frozen city.nnSo, I’ll keep a lookout for the follow-up e-mail and update here as need be.nnback later

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