3:15 AM. Friday. June 24. nnI slept OK, but couldn’t *get* to sleep last night. Too much indigestion/heartburn. At 9:00 AM on the dot, I am going to call to have my stomach meds delivered. #1 Priority for me to do that this morning.nnI managed to scarf down coffee + breakfast already this morning, because I need to get those things in my system before heartburn kicks back in.nnI also cleaned up the kitchen, started dishes.nnDecided to give LibreWolf a spin, too [which I installed yesterday](https://write.as/tmo/fussing-about-with-librewolf), and it seems to be working fine.nnAround 6:00 AM I will go to Schnucks, get some essentials for the day. The staff there have re-implemented the mask policy, which I found interesting. I was never “anti-mask” (of course not), but I didn’t see why the staff have it required of them, again. Omicron seems to be faded off? It seems we’re (humans) are basically out of the woods with COVID and it’s variants – either due to it being just a flat out endemic, but with all of us having (mostly) immunity to/from it (with vaccinations or/and simple overexposure TO it (e.g. the person had it already)). But, if Schnucks keeps the mask mandate in place (for them), that’s fine. It’s whatever. Customers aren’t required to wear them.nnLaundry will happen today, too. I am down to hiking shorts and a tank top for clothing. Everything else needs to be washed. nnI considered (briefly) getting an external Apple Keyboard (without TouchID), and a small stand for this laptop, but I figure I will just wait until I can afford a decent monitor, and get the keyboard around (before) that time. And it likely wouldn’t be an Apple Keyboard, either, because I want to easily change out the MacBook for a Linux machine at some point in the future, for sure.nnBut, I am not doing either of these things (monitor or keyboard) in July, because I will likely buy a Wool & Prince t-shirt. Those suckers run $70, but I need to replace my current black v-neck, because the armpits have holes ripped through them, and it (the current shirt I have now) has always been a “long” in terms of length. I think FotL calls it the “always tucked” series (longer in length, hence won’t come untucked as easily), but as a t-shirt on it’s own, it looks stupid. Haha. I still wore the thing for 2.5 years, so…nnThat’s the only “thing” I am getting in July. Other stuff will be mandatory, must-have goods. I will try to knock out some things from the “Taking Stock” checklist, too. nnThis reminds me, I need to sign-in to LibreWolf (if I can) and import my Bookmarks + Web history, because not having a Web history here will drive me nuts. LOL! I am a “let the Web history pile up indefinitely” type of people. Never clearing cookies, none of that. I always regret clearing out old data from my local browser. Screws up the “flow” of how I use the Internet.nnback soonnn

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