So, I wrote here last night, and over on W.a that I would be going back to W.a (, but now I 100% remember why I (mostly) left the service: poor maintenance and slow speeds. Everything takes an hour and a day to load on that service. Takes several seconds to load up. My blog (, a few second longer than R.w.a. I publish and post, I get hit with an error that "that page never existed". (their new commenting system) - that has been tossing 404 (405? Whatever it is) pages to me and numerous other people since the launch (issue has been opened on (another "slow-loader") and has yet to be resolved, addressed, or even acknowledged).

So, I can write over there sometimes, but it's just flat-out too frustrating to use on a day-in/day-out basis. Whatever is "fast" about the writing process is offset by the lack of sheer processing power on their server, or their database, or whatever the hell it could be. And I could opine or speculate what could be at-issue with the entire platform, but I can't do the work for anyone, and I have no intention on patronizing a service that is nothing short of disappointing when I just want to publish words on the Internet.

So, Ghost it is, and Ghost it will continue to be. I still need to find the right theme for here (a very simple, basic, lightweight one), and that will happen in time. But for now, whatever I have setup works just fine :)

back soon