spectacles are not spectacular

I am long overdue for a new pair of eyeglasses. I got these two years ago, and the vision in my left eye has gotten worse in that time. At one point the eye doc said it was a "stigmatism", then she corrected that (corrected her diagnosis, that is - nothing got "fixed") and said I have a freckle in my eye. Like, a legit blob of melatonin deep within my left eye...membrane. LOL!

So my vision sort of gets worse over the years. Just slightly blurrier than they were a year ago, but it's fairly noticeable now.

I figure I will get a sleek pair of "accountant eyeglasses", as I call them. Some thin, lightweight, square lens glasses - no bells nor whistles, as I went that route one year, and it was awful. I had used real glass (not plastic) and I opted for a "transition" lens, which would tint (transition) in the daylight, to a shade of gray. I honestly felt like I was Tom fucking Cruise every time the sun came out, because they had a "Risky Business" appearance to them. And, the transition material (as it is a type of "coating" on the glass) began to peel off over time. It even had small bubbles in the corners of the lens. So, it was basically a mini version of what a cheapskate/meth addict would "sticker" onto their car window when they A) don't want to be seen by other drivers (or police), or B) are simply too hard up to take their car to a detailing place to just have the tinting procedure done in a more cohesive manner.

Anyway, glasses cost a couple/few hundred dollars, so I will schedule something in the coming months after other odds and ends have been taken care of.

I can't do Lasik (I was told) because of the mild stigmatism-turned-freckle condition. The left eye is slightly "rounded" or "oval'd", and it not shaped like a "normal"/"healthy" eye would be. And with Lasik, you have to at least have eyes shaped correctly to get the procedure. Not that eye lasers sound really fun, anyway.

Contacts are possible, but I am not jamming little circles of glass/plastic/whatever into my eyes every morning, because straight eyeglasses look just fine.

Some are insecure about them (eyeglasses). So many people have them hanging from their shirt collar, or sometime propped on top of their head, and then they struggle and strain, and fight every instance they come across where vision is needed, and finally (begrudgingly) dawn their glasses when absolutely necessary, while simultaneously making some excuse or "explaination" as to why they have to do so.

Just wear the damn things!

Glass avoidance is like hair plugs. If you need glasses, get them and wear them. If you're balding, DON'T do some ridiculous shit like hair plugs or a toupee - just be bald. It's how Dog made you ;)

I am going to go clean my glasses.


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