…I should consider limiting myself on how much coffee I have had this morning. Going on my third cup right now, and considering the other two have been within the past two hours, I should slow down, haha. Of course, I can “handle” any amount of coffee under three cups, but a fourth cup? Never happens. *Way* back “in the day” (20 years ago), I would use this small Mr Coffee coffee pot to brew a quarter, yes a QUARTER of a bag of Starbucks Espresso Roast at a time, and sit there and send my brain to the moon every morning while I drank on that (which made two “full” mugs) while I rambled and ranted on AOL Chatrooms about politics, news, culture, etc. I was just *tolerant* of insane amounts of caffeine, and I was probably talking in tongues by the time I was done with the second mug, but damn, those were indeed fun times!nn

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