(another post about updates!)nnW.a, WF,,,,, the entire suite of apps – man, what can I say? I want *all* of them to (just) work. And by “work”, I mean load in a non-frustrating amount of time, not keep me on the edge of my seat to see if they *will* load, and for people (readers and myself as well) to just be able to visit or re-visit the blog (*this* blog), and say “ah yes, this is what I was saying before, I will continue my own dialogue in *this* way, so as not to be repetitive” or “what’s on **tmo**? I’ll load that fxxxer up and see what’s going on.” And none of that happens here or anywhere else on this service/platform. nnSo, as if this were Tumblr in 2018 (when I left that platform), or WordPress in 2012(?) when I exited there – the updates were sparse, rarely made, and I more or less had to stop using those services because they were an exercise is frustration and ran counter to what the Internet has mostly always been, and will be – moderately speedy!nnIf anyone cares to read along with whatever I get up to, please do so on [](, as that is where the majority of everything will be. I will likely add a forwarding link to the signature of this blog, as well. Hope to see ya around! :)nn TMO

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