It is 3:00 AM, and I mentioned on []( that I cleaned up the entirety of the apartment just a bit ago. So now I listen to a Punk Rock playlist and off a mug of coffee, and have basically everything cleaned up that I wanted to clean up, except the bathroom and some other odds and ends that I will get to later.nnAnd I mean I cleaned/organized **everything**, from the random wires I had piled up in the closet, to the random paperwork I had tucked away in the “important” pile, to entries in old handwritten notebooks that I know I am not going to re-read anytime, and therefore are no use to me. Shredding, trashing, and re-organizing what need be kept – it all got taken of this morning.nnSo, that’s what I am up to for now. I also started a small writing project that will be linked back to, which is sort of a continual series of blog posts (that have already started) that I will be putting together in a bigger (better?) post in the future. But I am not there yet.nnFun stuffnnback later

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