So, I just Published/Unpublished some silly, superficial, complaint about sponsored content within Firefox. nnBut really, who cares?nnI read it, and re-read it, and it came across as some superfluous whinefest, and I don’t want to have stuff like that on this blog. nnI was probably sitting in the sun for too long when I wrote it (several minutes ago, I am now inside in the AC where I am comfy again (and happy, again)). So, I suppose I was in a snarky/nasty mood a moment ago? IDK. But I deleted that ish. nnAlso, I’ve been writing probably too much stuff that is filling up the R.w.a feed lately (though, *trying* to moderate how much gets posted and tampering it down a bit (though I DO feel like writing more than I am, oddly)). So, I created a small UNLISTED blog for certain updates called [(sub)TMO]( and I will put stuff there on occasion, and made a fast shortcut for it on the home screen of my phone. Mostly because I cannot put anything on the Ghost blog ( via my Android phone, because everything goes haywire on the editor when I do, and there are not any third party apps for Ghost that cater to mobile blogging :/ Oh well. nnOk, I’ll be back later on. nnHope everyone is well

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