That’s why (at the time of writing this sentence) the intention behind writing this is to publish it on Currently (which is set to Private, I believe). But, no matter where I publish this little bit of writing, the important thing is that it gets written. Text hammered out for the sake of hammering out text.nnIt’s Sunday, 7:45 AM (November 7), and I have no special plans for the day. It kinda sucks, really, to not BE a “busy person”. Some people like to have a busy life, busy day full of activities, and are full of some sort of (what I call) mental vanity – like, they just have a lot of blank space in their mind, their psyche, everywhere, and they can just fill it in/up with whatever they happen to get themselves into. Always molding/shaping who and what they are. I am not like this in any way whatsoever. Maybe I’m an absolutist, or I see things in a certain way and people cannot sway me otherwise, or maybe I am some form of low key ideologist – but whatever the case may be, I don’t work well with others, at all.nnAnd I am not *like* other people, in many respects, either. I mean, I still think other people are great, and I am empathetic, and tend to see where people are coming from (indeed, sometimes I can see right through people), but I always want people to talk to me on my terms, my level – or, I want people to have some friggin’ backbone and confidence about the world and it’s circumstances, and not follow what everyone else is doing all the time. And in that respect, maybe I just want to come across more **original** people?nnIt’s difficult, though – to feel as though I am a “marginalized” person (be it a self-imposed disposition or an “out-of-my-hands” banishment). nnWhatever, though. It is what it is. I won’t complain, just become more insular and repulsed, I guess :/

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