Sometimes it is just nothing. Nothing to write about, nothing to say, nothing worth taking note of. So I just Write Intentionally (Intentional Writing), instead. I know it has a lot to do with my mood, and if the weather is nice, or not (it was rainy crap today), so that definitely plays a role. But yea, definitely a motivation type of thing, I’d say.nnI can (and usually do) supplement this with coffee, as coffee gets the brain moving a little bit. And also just sitting down TO write, because by me sitting and staring at a blank page with my fingers on the keyboard, I am all that more likely to write *something* when I am already in the position to do so.nnSidenote: after writing that paragraph and pouring the coffee I cleaned the kitchen (which was much needed), and added Clorox Wipes to the grocery list. Gotta stay tidy!nnNow, I have trash to take out (after said coffee), and some other straightening up I can do as well.nnI vehemently dislike having all this decor in my house for Xmas. I mean, I like the decor *itself*, and I like Xmas *itself*, but I do NOT like my very small apartment being cluttered with a lot of stuff going on, haha. I *much* prefer the clean, open, minimal look over the cluttered, messy, stuffy look – any day of the week.nnOnly two more weeks before Xmas, though, and then all of this stuff will be taken DOWN!nnIn fact, I think I will break down the crazy rig in the bedroom (with the speakers, and 20 other different things, and just put the desk up against the window (when it arrives), and keep everything *super* clean. The bed can stay against the corner that I have it, though, as that part of the room wouldn’t get use, anyway. But…yea, just gonna get the laptop stand for the MacBook and use that on the desk, and put the TV/display (whenever I get it (sometime in early-Jan?)) in the living room somewhere. I can/will get a small entertainment stand for it, as that makes the most sense. And it (the TV and stand) can just go where the Xmas tree is now. Makes sense that way.nnAlso, the tobacco order left Indianapolis, so that is good. Next stop: St Louis? We will see.nnBack later

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