So, I hear that there is a general head cold going around these days. The person I just got done talking to said that she knows of several people who have been getting sick, but that none of the cases were COVID-related (because they had either already been vaccinated or already had COVID previously). I, too, got vaccinated and *still* got COVID (breakthrough case) in late-August/early-September, and whatever I had last night, or am getting over, or whatever – it’s different (meaning not as bad). So, I will keep up with the OJ, the coffee, etc. and see how things go.nnLow of 27F tonight. Glad I got my laundry done. Will be keeping the sliding glass door OPEN throughout the evening, and probably all night, too. I NEED fresh air in here. That’s one thing I always underestimated before doing self-imposed quarantines and all that stuff since early-2020: the importance of fresh air! Just keeping the sliding glass door open as much as possible when the #stlwx is fair, and then keeping it cracked in the Winter, and *trying* to get as much fresh air in the Summer, too (which I don’t do as often as I should probably).nnBut now, now I am going to step outside.nnBack later

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