So, I came into the kitchen, at 2:30 AM (2:45 now), and I decided to straighten the kitchen up as much as I could, and start dishes, clean off the desk, and do everything short of taking out the trash and mopping the floor (because it is the middle of the night, and that would be nuts, LOL!). And after everything was straightened up, I put on water for coffee, and packed a bowl of Virginia Spice tobacco, and lit it up, feeling/tasting the potent spicy/peppery flavors and sensations permeate my taste buds. And then I went to YouTube to look to see who (if anyone) had remarked on this particular blend. And I found Nova Piper (right at the top of the results). He was straight forward with his opinions of it, and I 100% agreed on the fact that I can barely detect much cigar leaf in this blend at all. But, he said this blend has some “zippidy doo dah” to it (meaning highly spicy), and that, too, I agree with 100%. He also remarked on how he liked the moisture level, saying “it’s nice and dry, too – just how I like it”. On that, I think the moisture level could be a *little* more moist, as it would likely make for a slower burning smoke, and I could take more enjoyment out of the blend. If it had the moisture level of Louisiana Red Bulk (another Hearth & Home bulk blend – which is really my daily “go-to”), then I would be happier with this Virginia Spice. But, it is what it is, and I am satisfied with this blend, overall.nnI was thinking of stepping out on the balcony and having a bowl of it in the night air, but it is 56 degrees, and I do not feel like changing into jeans (I am sporting jogging shorts and a t-shirt right now), so I will go out there on a warmer night, and have this blend in the Summer-like temps. Nothing like a VA/Per blend (with or without cigar leaf) on a warm night. Or a warm day, for that matter. Virginia/Perique blends scream Summer. As a Latakia or Dark Fired Kentucky blend is much better suited for Winter. Though, the late Matches860 spoke of spending an entire Summer smoking nothing but English blends (heavy Latakia), and he said he “loved it”. I may have to try that some Summer. nnI also have a cleaned out Mason jar drying on the counter, and will jar a good amount of this Virginia Spice up, and just “go through” the remainder of the bag (over time). I may just hang onto the jar for a while, too. I am ordering more leaf in a week or so (more Louisiana Red Bulk, and probably an English or two), so, I know I won’t work through this blend (either in the jar or the bag) in any short period of time. It may stick around a while. Which is good.nnback soon

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