I spend too much time thinking of a title for a blog post sometimes, and it prevents me from just hammering out whatever text I want to hammer out at that moment. I can’t *skip* putting a title, though, otherwise the URL is trash, so…whatever.nnI’ll probably change the title of this blog post before I publish it, but right now it is titled “some writing stuff” :/nnI hope it is not raining (yet) because I left my Dr Grabow pipe on the table outside, and it would be bad if it rained. I need to do something about that ASAP. And also have another smoke, because I am a fiend.nnGood Day After Xmas(TM) here – nothing too special going on, just sorta enjoying the Chromecast now that I have it configured the way I want it to work. The remote for this thing is weak, and light, and I almost dropped it a few times because it is not “weight-y” enough, but…oh well.nnback soon

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