I continue to go through and check off things on [the Taking Stock checklist](, and most recently (in June) I checked off nearly everything in the “tobacco + tobacco products” category:nn![]( screenshot from Standard Notes)nn…but now, I am working on the hygiene/life goods section – namely the life goods area (part b.). Simple stuff, really. I added a kitchen towel/rag to the list, as well as a shower towel. Why, in the world, do I not have a shower towel? Well, being my super-efficient, and non-wasteful, quasi-eco-friendly, “extreme” minimalist self (once upon a time, not anywhere NEAR that level of oddness, anymore), I thought it would be more “simple” and less “hassle” to just use the shirt I was previously wearing as a/the shower towel, and after drying off, toss it in the dirty clothes pile, and change into a NEW shirt. Easy, right? Yes. It’s also totally preposterous and borderline gross. So, I added a shower towel to the list.nnA kitchen towel/rag – wow! A good call on this one! Some people (incl myself) use(d) paper towels. And that’s great. If/when I need to do a legit “cleanup”, I will use Clorox or Lysol Wipes, as they work much better than any type of paper towel. But, I never seem to *remember* to buy a dedicated roll, or rolls, of paper towels. So I (again, being somewhat of a slob who doesn’t have a lot of visitors) will simply retrieve a roll of TP from under the bathroom sink, and use that *instead* of paper towels. nnThis, too, is preposterous. So, I will get a reusable rag/towel, and just wash the damn thing with the laundry once per week. And it also serves the purpose of grabbing the handle on the Coleman cookpot (which I use for coffee).nnSo, those are some notes on household goods that I felt like jotting down. I had a tad bit of coffee this AM (1:50 AM now), and had the hankering for text hammering. nnNeat stuff, I’d say (to me it is, anyway :))nnback soon

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