So, I am still going to try to get "Plain Ass Pong v.1.0" hosted somewhere, but I have no clue where, yet. I will work on that a bit later, I think.

For tonight, I happened across a video of Gay Telese (an oldschool (well-dressed) NYC journalist of some kind) over on a blog from R.w.a, and I watched the video (which was about his writing "bunker"), and like all journalistic content (this being a feature video on New Yorker) the title had nearly nothing to do with the story, itself. It should have been called "Gay Telese Shows You Old Boxes of Articles", as that is all the video really was, and it focused just barely on the fact that he had this badass Manhattan "writer's lair" at the bottom of his townhouse. But, he claimed it was quiet, and a place where he could focus, and he had no phone in "the bunker", and the whole thing looked fascinating (what little I saw of it).

Anyway, I tend to think of the entirety of my (430 sq ft) studio apartment to be that of a "writer's nook", because it's all I tend to get done here, and I have two desks to migrate to for the hobby/task, and also an easy chair where writing sometimes gets done, also. And, I think of all the places I have hammered out text at/from (in terms of ideal settings for a desk, and to just write in a relatively undisturbed manner), this apartment, and at this desk, takes the cake. Because A) it faces a nice little courtyard, B) it is very quiet here (when the neighbor has her TV off), C) the bedroom that this desk is located at is somewhat "secluded" from the busy breezeway that is just on the other side of the door in the kitchen/living room (though I like to write at the kitchen desk/island at night some nights), D) it has other "peripheral" characteristics to the desk itself: a place to hang my T2 headphones, a place to stash away my TB SSD, and it is also just the right height, I find. So, this desk and this location for this desk is nice. But, the writing can happen literally anywhere, of course. I don't have to (nor want to) be surrounded by loads of books and papers and clutter and every other superfluous knick-knack under the sun - because I am simply not much of a clutter bug, and I want to keep it that way.

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