Not sure where this blog post will go, so let’s just hammer out some text, shall we?nnI’m still feeling OK. A *little* bit of soreness in my (left) arm from the booster, but it is OK.nnI went to the vending machine and fetched a pop, as I didn’t buy any at Schnucks this morning. Well, actually yes, I did buy ONE soda, but that was it.nnThe haircut looks/feels dapper. Happy with it. nnThe TIN T2 IEMs have not shipped, yet. But soon enough, I assume (they say they will be here by Friday). No rush, of course.nnTomorrow night will be a late-nighter, though not an all-nighter, because money is happening, so that is a good thing. I will pay bills, get XYZ things paid up, order the Revolut Card, get the entertainment console (TV stand), and order the HELM Bolt USB-C amp/DAC, and that will be very nice. Chances are, it will only be avail on Amazon (they used to have an exclusivity deal with them), so I will order it from there. I’d *love* to get it from BH Photo/Video, but they do not carry the HELM Bolt, unfortunately. nnTell ya one thing, though – my shopping (for this apartment, and in life in general) is going to slow down BIG TIME after the January purchases. I bought too much extraneous stuff over the past several months, and that ish has to stop. Not to mention, with the Revolut backup banking option, I can (and will!) save some more, as well as do a few other things I have wanted to do for a while that was simply not possible with my current banking setup (due to account limitations (because affordability)). And, I will do my best to buy more precious metals as well (the Bane of the Bitcoiners Utopia – “OLD” money!). I already have a few ounces of silver (a far cry from what I *used* to have) stacked, but I really need to get a bunch more. Useful in a pinch (can be sold easily in this area at a local “coin & jeweler”), is something that is tangible, can be held, and I OWN it, so it is always a good thing to have handy. Safe investment from where I am sitting.nnGonna look into what pieces to buy right now. Probably just a few ounces of silver “rounds”, like Silver Eagles, or something like that. We’ll see.nnback laternn

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