Visited some Van Halen, Meat Loaf, Natalie Ambruglia, White Zombie, Nirvana, and a few other artists tonight on Tidal (with the TIN T2's - which are working much better now with the use of Flat Equalizer + getting the friggin' things positioned right in my ears).  Things sound great.

Now, TOOL :)

physical music

All of these songs I once owned the album of on cassette tape or/and CD of at one point or another. I don't really buy music anymore, though - which is truly unfortunate because good music is so important to me. I may get into it (again) at some point in life, but who knows? It's kind of like books in some ways; I get the physical books that I like, and read them a few times, and then end up donating them to the St Louis County Library (which is definitely not a bad thing to do), and they just never seem to stick around. With music, I buy some cassettes (and a cheapo player), and then rid myself of them/it after some time (because I DO like cassettes a lot - I just never get around to listening to them much (AKA streaming is significantly easier)). CD's I have a few of, and not a very good CD player to play them on. Records, I always said I would get a turntable (again) after the failed turntable experiements of 2011/12 - I got a Crosley "suitcase" style turntable, then I went through two(2) Audio-Technica LP (or AP?) turntables, and both of them had their belt drives break on me, so I abandoned the concept of being a turntable owner, as none seemed to work (of course, all three were in the sub-$100 range, and that tends to make a significant difference when it comes to turntables). So, all in all, physical music (and books) tends to be a limited thing for me, as I just don't like having five, or ten, or even fifty albums (of any format) just sitting here when I could very well not want to listen to any of them for the better part of six months. Streaming offers more, and is less about convenience and just abundance of choice. So...that's where I am at with that.

Anyway, my mind could change. I could get some format of physical music, again, but it is not something I spend much time thinking of right now.

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