Some stuff I've been listening to, obsessed with:

Mister Wives - "Riptide" (cover of a Vance Joy song) - disclaimer definitely listen to the Mister Wives cover from the Spotify Sessions, either on YouTube or Spotify if you are a subscriber to that service. Epic fxxxing cover.

Morrissey - "I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday" (cover of a David Bowie song) - the original by Bowie? Yea. Ok. It's good. The same way "The Man Who Sold The World" was "good", but then Nirvana sent it to the moon with their cover in 1993. With this song, Morrissey sends it to the moon. Great cover!

Carrie Manolakos - "Creep" (cover of a Radiohead song, of course) - this one is a live video only avail on YouTube, I think. It was covered in a small venue in Greenwich Village, NYC., and it will blow. your. fxxxing. mind. Highly recomended.

Tiffany Alvord & Chester See - "The One That Got Away" (cover of a Katy Perry song (believe it or not)) - as much as I love Tiffany Alvord, and have been keeping tabs on her lowkey YouTube career since 2009, it is Chester's voice that nails it on this dueted song.

...and that's it for the tunes I have been listening to lately. Covers mostly. Good ones, too.

back soon