Hi . It’s TMO ;)nnI started this blog as a blog-away-from-blog, to be Unlisted from R.w.a, and for more (possibly more frequent) writing, and just for fun, I suppose. nnBut the notion, the idea, the gist behind this blog is both CONVENIENCE and IMMEDIACY. So, at times past, I’ve considered getting a home desktop rigged up, having it connected to the Internet 24/7 (easy, if I had WiFi), and running a distro of Linux on said desktop, and downloading the WriteFreely “Terminal/CLI” application (which is just a minimal writing app – no CLI functionality whatsoever from what I understand), and just keeping that on-screen in this desktop enviro, and just start writing when I feel it is time to write! Super basic stuff. nnBut, I do not have WiFi. Nor do I have any type of desktop rig (hell, I don’t even have a monitor, let alone a computer to accompany it). nnSo, I decided that I will make a shortcut for this page (the page (or the New Post page, as it were)), on my Android phone, and see how many blog posts I can do. nn**In a year!** CHALLENGE! nnNo, I am just kidding about that part, but I AM going to be seeing how often I use this shortcut, and if writing increases, improves, or whatever the hell. nnStayed tuned. Perhaps.

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