I need to clean up the kitchen, take out the trash, straighten up the apartment a bit, take a shower, shave, change clothes, etc. It will definitely be a late night for me, as I slept so much last night through this afternoon. Feels very good to be this rested, though. I don't know the hour count, but it was at least seven hours of sleep in total.

I have a lingering headache, too, but Tylenol/Motrin can kiss my ass. I don't want any of that stuff anytime soon.

I started the April budget, too. By "started", I mean I typed the word "April" at the top of a note on Standard Notes, and will fill in monthly expenses below it to see where I will be money wise once April rolls around. I have no "big"/important expenses that I am aware of, just the usual bills. In fact, I probably have a fair deal left over to get the tattoo I want, but, I may use that money for re-activating AT&T WiFi in my apartment, instead. In fact, WiFi would serve me better for right now, because the tattoo will happen in time, anyway.

I think these are all the things that need be done for the time being. I don't need to grocery shop right now, because I have a fair amount of food on hand. It would be more food if Schnucks had fruit that wasn't mostly rotten when I was in there the other day. I mentioned that before, but either due to cold weather exposure, or slow shipping, or whatever, 90% of the stuff I usually buy was well expired when I saw it on the shelf. Oh well.

Time for tasks at hand. Back later!