I am out on the balcony. Breeze. No sun. Future rain ️ (maybe). But pleasant, all the same. Water heats for coffee ☕ inside, and I will partake shortly. I also await an Amtrak refund to hit my bank account so I can be Not Broke soon, but I don’t know how *soon* that soon will be. Not long, I hope. nnFriendly correspondences and remarks on both and through some e-mails today. Always weird when people do NOT practice Inbox Zero, and they have a litany of e-mails to “act on” upon first waking up in the morning. It is like starting every day (online) with a huge handicap – like 90% of the netizens begin the day with a *fresh and clear* approach to their (online) life, and start at the Starting Line, while a scant few (10%) of folks have a pile of “junk” to sort through in their inbox right away, and have to start 20 paces back from everyone else. nnWhy do that? Take an evening and clear that ish out and then delete aggressively when *new* mail comes in. A business account might be different, but in that case, the person is paid for their time, so, just do what needs to be done. But for *personal* E-mail accounts, I don’t see why collect it all?nnAnyway, a small/worthless rant on E-mail, I suppose, but I AM glad that the people who have reached out recently have done so. And, in regards to the post I put up on M.p the other night, I DID E-mail a bloke (not that I am British, nor is he) who I had meant to introduce myself to for some time, so I went ahead and shot off an E-mail to see what he had to say about…whatever. Not an important E-mail, just a “hi”, so…yea. nnHope everyone is well. I will have coffee ☕ now, and see what else the day brings. nnBack soon

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