Listening to "Sun Goes Down" by ROY KNOX + Jim Yosef, which is probably my favorite Techno(?) song of all time. I don't know if it is technically (pun!) considered Techno music, but it sounds really nice.

Been a while since I have visited this playlist on Tidal, but glad I am here now. Over a period of time I slowly added more and more songs to the playlist, and now there are about eight songs on it, and I need to add more, but Techno is more or less a new "obsession" for me recently.

The song changed but I won't go into one of those blog posts that drag on forever every time a song changes on the headphones. Songs play through quick, writing is slower - that's how it is.

So anyway, just gonna sit here and listen for a while. Hope everyone is having a good night :)

back soon